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Friday, November 23, 2007

By way of introduction…

I am always blessed when one of our brilliant theologians here in the blog-sphere presents the practical implications of their perspectives. With this in mind I would like to present a new blogger who, by way of introduction, I “inter-met” at Bobby Grow’s “The Stumbling Block”. Sadly Bobby has had to retire his site once again due to the strain on his arms and the demands on his time but as always we hope and pray for both his recovery and return. Fortunately for us the Grow family is still well represented in the blog-sphere by Angela, Bobby’s wife, at “To Live is Christ”. Also fortunate for us was Bobby’s influence in persuading our new friend to offer his perspectives to the blog-sphere.

I think this “About” page from his new blog provides a good place to begin…

“My name’s Glen Scrivener. 29 years old. I’m married to Emma and am a minister in the Church of England here in Eastbourne, UK. My website is www.christthetruth.org.uk where you can find papers, sermons and the like. I intend to dabble in this blog here and there. I love Jesus and think He should be the beginning and end of all our thinking, praying, praising and practice.”

and I would be remiss if I failed to pass on the insights first granted by Bobby at his place…

“Glen is an Aussie, but, as I understand, has resided in the UK for some time now. He is a Minister in the Church of England (All Souls Eastborne), we won’t hold that against him ;-) , and he has a real heart and love for the Lord. Glen is very well read, theologically, and has a degree in theology; many of his papers, and quite substantive articles can be found at Christ The Truth (his formal web-site) . . . I would encourage you to visit, he has an excellent paper on Karl Barth and Evangelical preaching (a bit lengthy, but worth it).”

Bobby also had this to say…

“Glen is quite the theologian, and I just wanted to point you all to him as an excellent resource, but more than that, a mature brother in Christ, whom I believe you will be edified by, as I have been. Oh one more point . . . Glen is also an amillenialist, and covenanter, but hey nobody is perfect :-D, what did you expect he’s Anglican ;-)! Now go visit his site . . .”

and so why not hop over to the new “Christ The Truth” blog and welcome Glen while taking advantage of another great opportunity afforded to us here in bloggerville? ;-)

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Blogger Glen said...

Thanks KC! Far too kind.

A friend of mine just gave me a plug on his blog and he's *post*mill!! I guess it takes an Anglican to provide some milky middle-ground!

If you all comment half as wisely and warmly as KC you'll be Very welcome.

...and Bobby come back to us!

11/26/2007 04:02:00 PM  
Blogger Kc said...

Glen you're most welcome and you may be right about the middle-ground thing! ;-)

Thanks for the kind words and I really look forward to your fellowship here in the blog-sphere.

11/27/2007 06:06:00 PM  

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