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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Responsibility, Accountability, and Rights

I read a very good post today concerning sin. While I am still wrestling with his explanation of what sin is I appreciated how he explained the process of consideration, admission and acceptance, repentance and eventually seeking forgiveness and making restitution. He pointed out that so many fail to do so because they were never "taught" how to do it. I tried to determine how someone could be "taught" these things and my feeble mind failed again. One of my greatest desires is to know how to help someone else learn to care for themselves and others and for the things of God. I must confess that at present I perceive this as a work of the Holy Spirit alone and yet I still find that I agree with the writer. Something is missing in the education of individuals today. The writer is an educator and said he often witnessed the behavior of children when confronted with their "sin". They would deny it or blame others for what they alone had done. What lesson is missing here? Can you convict another individual of sin? I say again that is a work of the Holy Spirit and even my faith prevents me from judgment. So then what can be given here? Are we as believers free of obligation concerning the behavior of others? I believe Matthew 18 makes our responsibility clear. If we are offended we are obligated to confront the individual involved. How often do we take the easy way out and fail to fulfill our responsibility to others and to God? I see that everyone has the right to know when they've committed an offense and that by failing to confront them we deny them their right and become ourselves accountable to God for the offense. Let us respect the rights of others and be grateful when they respect ours.



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