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Friday, April 08, 2005

Is it a Lust for Power?

A recent post I found of great interest which sought to determine the role of personalities in what I consider the "break-up" of Christianity through the use of denominations. I too have often wondered why we, as Christian soldiers, are the only army of consequence that seeks to destroy it's own wounded and condemn the innocent and unlearned. I refuse to point fingers at any one "denomination" as having been the cause for so many professing Christians to behave in such contrast to Christ. That is, to me, a consequence, not the problem. I would love to identify a single cause for the development of denominations so that there could then be a single solution to the problem but I am aware that is simplistic. I do however perceive that the differences that are so clearly identified in denominations were in place for at least two hundred years prior to their own existence. Men have always abandoned the teachings of Jesus and labeled one another heretics, fighting desperately to defend what they wanted to believe rather than confirm it to themselves. At times it seems love is selective or even altogether absent. So was there a defining moment when these differences gave birth to what we now call denominations?

I understand that the Truth of God's Word was and is revealed to man through a power not of men. It seems that men, not content to rely on or trust in this power, empowered themselves through barbaric means to force their truth on other men. I perceive that for some the cause was not nearly so noble having only greed at heart. Their methods and the consequence were alike. I believe that lust for power as well as the attitudes that spawn it are alive and well today. Would you force your beliefs on others if you could?

View an excellent work by Matt on this topic

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Blogger Matt said...

Uh-Oh; you've gotten the gears grinding. Mixed with the high-pitched squeal of metal-on-metal is the sound of inspiration (don't be surprised if this question you've asked turns up in a post soon ;-) )

4/09/2005 11:44:00 AM  
Blogger Kc said...

I'll be watching, as always, with great anticipation.

4/09/2005 06:11:00 PM  
Blogger Kc said...

Great work Brother. I especially appreciate the contrast between the logic of justification and the feeling of guilt. I think this work is an excellent illustration of how the "machine" can take over our heart.

4/09/2005 08:34:00 PM  
Anonymous Corry said...

Kc, my compliments on your post. It definitely tickles the grey cells to get in gear:-)

Is it a lust for power? The power to be God, or pride to be God? I think pride is at the root of it. Ever since creation of men, that lust for power has been there, it is part of the sinful nature we all are born with. But the majority of people don't like to think for themselves, let alone to look for the truth. It is often considered painful to have to see how great a sinners we are ( I include myself here ) and most don't like to admit that we are nothing but filthy rags before God's feet. We are way too proud to admit, let alone, to accept it. So...we shut our eyes to ourselves. A small justification is enough to beat ourselves on the chest, proclaiming how good we are. So, we do empower ourselves, as you mentioned. Add to that a good manipulator and/or controller, mix in some fear and herds will follow without questioning. Well known examples of that are the Crusades and Hitler. But.... we can even go back further. The Garden of Eden. The serpent appealed to Eve's lust to be as God. To have His knowledge and wisdom. It takes humbleness to acknowledge God's superiority. And to humble ourselves goes deeply against our nature. If we already rebel agianst God's superiority, then we certainly are compelled to rebel against any other person who's belief differs. We close our minds to anything else that does not agree with what we belief, for we can not be wrong. God gave us free will, the freedom to choose for ourselves. If we could only let go of our pride and acknowledge that amongst ourselves! Pride goeth before the fall. It definitely is a lust and, acted on it, it is a sin.

4/10/2005 09:29:00 AM  
Blogger Kc said...

Thank you dear, but couldn't you have just turned around and told me? '-) get your own blog! (tickle)

4/10/2005 11:31:00 AM  
Anonymous Corry said...

Thank you Kc. I take your suggestion, to get my own blog, as a great compliment, but isn't it the easiest way to be irresponsible: let someone else do the hard work and watch? ;-)

4/10/2005 03:23:00 PM  

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