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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Time Out

Lesser gods

Having been ejected from “Surfdom” I decided to set out on a journey to discover why this misfortune had befallen me and perhaps to recover what rightfully had been mine. I knew that my answers could only come from those most high keepers of the Web, Tech Support, but I also knew that in my quest for truth I would have to prove myself worthy of any and all discourse with such important persons as these. Patiently I proved myself as their minions tested my ability and understanding in an attempt to prove me silly or stupid thereby sparing the exalted ones of the task. There were a few close calls where, had I been left to their subjection, I would have found place in such class but I persevered and pressed my point until finally on day two I found myself voice to voice with the Most Exalted Grand Wizard of the Technical Support Staff. He listened quietly as once more I related all I had seen and done both prior to and after my fall from their favor. Once again I was called on to prove my worthiness to surf in his kingdom and he tried me on all points. I tried this, I tried that, and I booted and was booted. I was even made privileged to see things no mortal surfer had ever seen but still my answer eluded me. Was all this for naught? Was this to be my fate? My heart sank at the prospect of returning to those lesser means of access than that which I considered myself worthy of. Even now his words burn in my ears as I recall his final judgment on my person, my system and even me.

“You’ve probably got a problem with your modem. We can send a repair person to check it or send you a new one.” How could this be? Had my own system turned itself against me leaving me less than a blogger, nay even less than a surfer? I retraced my journey examining every step I had taken and, though knowing my place, the flames of indignation burned bright within my heart. Was it pride than fanned these flames or was my vision clear in all of this? Could it really be that once the curtain is drawn and the light shines within that those most exalted ones are only mere mortals as you and I and prone to such foolishness as blame? My world began to crumble about me. “I don’t think that’s the problem. If it were then…” I pleaded. Please let this be only a flaw, and the only flaw, to be found in such a wise one as this. “I’m afraid we’ll have to send…” he continued and slowly I relented. I was tired. I was beaten. He must be right, after all, who was I to question him? Perhaps I had missed something. Yes, that was it. There’s something unknown to me and in his glory and wisdom he’s lead me to my need for their services.

I waited for the repairman as a condemned man waits for the executioner. In my mind the repair bill kept growing but I knew I would pay. I would pay anything to rejoin my fellow bloggers and friends. No price, no sacrifice was too great. The minutes ticked by and my anxiety reached epic proportions. The appointed hour came and went with not so much as a call explaining why I had waited without hope. In silent desperation I decided to make one last attempt to run freely the fruited fields of the blogsphere and then to woefully accept my fate as a castaway. I clicked the little blue “E” like I had done so many times before, taking for granted that it would always be there to fling open my electronic window on the world. My heart jumped in my chest as one by one the images began to appear. I thought for a moment that I must be dreaming then it hit me this could be a mere cache of days gone by, only a ghost of what once was but would never be again. I clicked the refresh button and my despair turned to joy as once more the page fully appeared. All of this without even a visit! No calls! Not even a configuration change and best of all, no charges!

It seems, upon reflection, that when all is said and done that we’re all at the mercy of those with more knowledge and power than ourselves. Even the guru’s of Tech support are subject to the higher powers that manage ebb and flow of the Web. I still click the blue “E” with anticipation but these days I’m not as assuming as before. My confidence in those I once trusted with all my electronic existence has been replaced with a healthy skepticism in all. I will never again subject myself to their determinations against my better judgment.


Proving a point

The previous article on controversy found it’s way to the number one spot at Yahoo for all searching “Just so you know”. Take a look at the snippet they’ve posted and see if you can determine why this article floated to the top. MSN closely agreed and placed it number 7 on their list but it seems Google is much more discriminating.

The best for last

There’s so much more to come, I’m sure, but for now I can’t even begin to describe how this one little person is impacting my life. May God bless him to be raised in the way he should go. To Him be the glory in all things.

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Blogger RF2R2 said...

Glad to see you're back in action, and congrats on the kid :D

2/17/2007 06:35:00 PM  
Blogger Kc said...

Thanks Brandon. I'm really thankful for Casey. That's quite a beautiful little lady you're holding in that pic at your place too! ;-)

2/18/2007 07:23:00 PM  
Anonymous rrbj said...

KC is this the first of many grandchildren ?Just wait untill he follows you around and every time you stop and spit he will too ? It is special then cause you know he is trying to follow in Opa's footsteps! Blessings to Casey and Opa and Oma ? The answer to the other question Just So You'll Know I am doing the best I can to follow Gods way and no I don't want to join a cult ? Blessings . Ron !

2/18/2007 07:47:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

he's soooo cute!

2/19/2007 12:53:00 AM  
Blogger Missy said...

I have been going through the same struggle, bro. I had to travel through the desert savanah on foot and discard a cursed artifact to appease the lesser gods. I was rewarded with a similar item for the return journey. It was just as cursed!

I faithfully reboothed and reboothed, and lo my patience was tested... you know the rest!

KC, congratulations on the beautiful namesake! As a mother of young 'uns, you will have to let me know if the reward of grandparenting is worth it all!

2/19/2007 07:17:00 AM  
Anonymous Gordon Cloud said...

We of the realm of worthy blogging are glad that your seat at the table is once again filled.

That is a cute baby, too.

2/19/2007 10:57:00 AM  
Blogger Kc said...

Brother Ron, great answer!

Yes, this is the first and he may be the only one for a while yet but the Lord knows. I laughed when I read about spitting because I told the kids I can’t wait to teach him to spit. (hehe) I do pray I’ll have some better influence though. Thanks so much for for the blessings and I pray the same for you and yours. ;-)

Thank you Sweet Pia. Our prayers continue for you two and I hope we can talk soon. We love you.

Missy I’m glad to know I’m not alone in my struggle here. (hehe) Thanks for the kind words and yes, I’d have to say that, so far, grand-parenting really is grand parenting!

I’m so sorry to have been distracted when you announced your Mom’s visit but I hope it’s been wonderful for all of you. I’ve been blessed in reading of the love you share with the Mister as well and it seems God has blessed you both in that. I pray He always will. ;-)

Preacher, it’s good to know the other greats here mourned my absence. (hehe)

Don’t even blink because those fine young lads of yours will turn you into a pawpaw before you know it! ;-)

2/19/2007 02:29:00 PM  
Blogger curious servant said...

Do you suppose our culture is evolving into a technocracy with future tech support descendants becoming high priests?

Dare I say it? Until the Lord returns it may be that the geeks will inherit the Earth?

2/19/2007 07:04:00 PM  
Anonymous Milly said...

What a wonderful gift a grandchild I’ll wait for my gift, years kids years!

Not long ago the security on my computer ate my internet tech support pointed it out hen left me all alone to fix it. It took way too darn long but happily I was able to.

2/20/2007 07:11:00 AM  
Blogger Redeemed said...

He's so precious! Congratulations, KC. That is wonderfutl news!

2/20/2007 07:29:00 PM  
Blogger Kc said...

CS you’re really appealing to my inquisitive (or is it suspicious?) nature now. I’m afraid to let myself consider that too much for fear of finding some sort of end-times association with it or either developing some new conspiracy theory! ;-)

Milly, It seems this all happened in just a moment. Only yesterday I was holding his mother in one hand and now my baby has a baby. ;-)

I’m sorry I giggled reading about your trauma but irony always gets the best of me. What’s meant to protect us on these things somehow always leads to our destruction!

Sarah, thank you so much and I’m so thankful for the “new birth” you announced at your place too! God is so good!

2/21/2007 06:31:00 AM  
Blogger Timothy said...

Glad you made it through your trial with tech support. They are the priests of the etheral kingdom we know as the internet. We are but the many minions they allow in their kingdom! :)

Glad you are back and well written prose.

Cute boy.

BTW, I will have a post up for you and Corry in the next day or two.

2/21/2007 02:12:00 PM  
Blogger Seeker said...

I'll simply add:
on all accounts.

2/21/2007 03:29:00 PM  
Blogger dorsey said...

Speaking on behalf of Dorsists everywhere, may your tribe (and your bandwidth) continue to increase.

2/22/2007 07:54:00 PM  
Blogger Kc said...

Pastor, many thanks and as always it’s wonderful to have your thoughts here. Thanks so much for helping Corry promote her new venture. ;-)

Karen, your WOOHOO means a great deal to me. ;-) Our prayers continue dear sister.

Dorse, I consider it a special honor to receive such a blessing for the Dorsemeister himself!

I really am thankful you all are okay. Love ya much brother.

2/23/2007 06:12:00 AM  

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