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Saturday, September 03, 2005

A prophetic artist

I have been following the work of an art student at Northwestern College primarily because I am persuaded he is a true believer whose life contrast my own to a degree I’ve never been confronted with before. As I followed his writing I began to try and understand how something as potentially obscure as art can relate to our faith or be used in our commission. Ryan has visions and imagery that I have to struggle to comprehend but when it is clear to me it becomes evident it is well worth the effort.

Ryan recently completed a series on Christian aesthetics I found truly insightful.

where's the gospel aesthetic?

foolishness: the gospel aesthetic, part 2

unexcellence: the gospel aesthetic, part 3

difficult: the gospel aesthetic, part 4

worthless: the gospel aesthetic, part 5

a gospel aesthetic: conclusions

gospel aesthetic: one more thing--the apparent lie



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