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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A Few Things...

I would like to recommend a new discussion forum being hosted at a sofyst-cated new site. To quote the owner in light of the numerous offshoots in my preceding post “See why we need the discussion board...;)”. This really is a much more coherent way to pursue many of our discussions.

I especially wish to point out that Curious Servant has completed an excellent review on the book of Job given from a very personal perspective. I can’t find words worthy of promoting this work and I can’t begin to imagine how reading this might affect you personally. This is how it begins:

A starting point:

I know that people suffer terribly. I know that God loves us. I know that good can come from bad, and that what hurts can have benefits, even if those benefits do not seem to match the costs.

This ancient story examines the intersection between good and evil, humility and pride, friends and accusers.

To frame my perspective, my starting point in examining this book, I here offer a piece I wrote about my contact with God three months after the death of my son:

Finally I want to offer my thanks and best wishes to a blogger buddy who, along with Pecheur, were the reason I started this blog. Matt has decided to shut down !!El Blogo Catastrofico!!. He explained his reason for quiting and I understand but it makes the loss no less. I’m going to miss reading his thoughts, keeping up with him and hearing about his life and I hope he’ll keep us abreast of his activities and welfare. Hasta luego mi amigo.

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