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Friday, November 10, 2006

Why do you believe...?

Have you ever been surprised to learn of a certain belief held by someone close that you never knew they had? What about times when you find yourself holding the minority view on something that you were certain was mainstream? There are also those beliefs we fail to question and simply accept by popular opinion because they don’t seem important enough to consider at the moment. Today’s question may prove to be one where the answers will surprise us and could highlight the necessity that we all consider what we hold as true.

Why do you believe temptation is a sin?

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Blogger Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Is temptation a sin?

11/10/2006 03:46:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Temptation is not a sin. Jesus himself was tempted in the wilderness but did not sin.

I've linked to your blog on mine. God bless! =)

11/10/2006 04:01:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've never considered temptation a sin. However, Luther points out Paul's comment that whatever is not of faith is sin, so...

This idea really messes with people who think that their main objective is to avoid sin.

11/10/2006 06:48:00 AM  
Blogger Ron said...


How are you? Just got back in town and saw this, and wanted to participate. Like others, I do not believe temptation itself is a sin. I believe we are tempted with sin. Great question, and I look forward to seeing what others believe as well.

11/10/2006 08:38:00 AM  
Anonymous Gordon Cloud said...

I guess I'm going to have to jump on the bandwagon with everyone else and say that I don't believe temptation is a sin either.

Hope you have a blessed weekend, my brother.

11/10/2006 09:15:00 AM  
Blogger Cinder said...

I do not consider temptation a sin...entertaining and partaking in what you've been tempted with, that's sin.

Blessings to you and yours this weekend Kc.

11/10/2006 10:06:00 AM  
Blogger Kris said...

Like the rest of the commentors, I don't believe temptation is sin.

However I will make a statement that perhaps will provoke more discussion on this subject; I believe the objective of any temptation, which is caused when we are carried away by our own lust, is to make us decide whether we will believe God or decide to walk in unbelief and go after our lust and therefore sin.

11/10/2006 10:31:00 AM  
Blogger Kc said...

Matthew, logically it can't be a sin or Jesus would not have been tempted in all ways as we are.

Crystal welcome! Excellent point. I am honored by both your visit and link, which I promise to reciprocate soon. I was blessed in reading at your place and look forward to reading more. ;-)

Dorse, I think I know where you’re coming from but I really do believe we should strive to live by faith and when we do we avoid sin. Would you say that’s consequential?

Ron, it really is great to see you interacting again. Thanks so much for the visit and I hope to see more from you in the blogsphere! ;-)

Thanks Preacher and may God continue to bless you. Thanks also for the excellent instructions in love at your place! You make this a great place to hang out. ;-)

Cinder thanks for pushing the discussion a little deeper. I was so glad to see your comment Sis. ;-)

Kris, if you had used a word like “purpose” instead of object I could wrestle with you better! (grin)

Satan is called the Tempter and we know that God tempts no man. Since we are tempted when we are “drawn away” by our lust I perceive Satan as placing those things we desire off the narrow way. He attempts to lure us away from serving God. I only see this as serving his purposes and it is a distraction to believers. I believe that is why Jesus instructed us to pray that we be not led into temptation. He instructed his disciples to “watch and pray” in order that they wouldn’t fall into temptation.

Does that mean that God is not glorified in it? He is when we accept the escape he’s prepared and we do prove our faith when we look for it instead of allowing the lust to conceive but I honestly believe we do better to avoid temptation as Jesus taught. I believe that is achieved when we bring every thought captive to Christ.

To all:
And what about lust? Does it have a proper place? Is it a sin? Using the same logic I don’t see how it could be unless Christ temptation was not as our own and He had no lust. What say ye oh wise theologians? ;-)

11/10/2006 01:11:00 PM  
Anonymous Danny Kaye said...

I'm sure it is no surprise that I am with everyone else on this one.

I will assume that you are defining lust as sexual lust?

"I perceive Satan as placing those things we desire off the narrow way"

Hmmm...wouldn't it be accurate to say that "those things" that we desire (or lust after) are by nature off the narrow way? And if they are, would it not follow that Satan does not have to plant them, but simply give us an elbow in the ribs and say, "Hey, Mac! Check that out over there."

He may know our sinful natures and our charaters better than we do. So if a man whose tendency is to want to see a skantily clad woman is walking right by just such woman, the only work Satan needs to do is point that woman out to the man and his work is done. He didn't have to "put" that temptation there. It exists anyway.
The same is true for a person who is prone to stealing, over eating, or whatever.
Because I believe Satan knows us each individually, he simply takes that which we each desire, and which is already there, and makes the way clear for us to get it.
After that, it is up to us if we are going to get off the narrow path or not.

We're just positive ends of a magnet trying not to connect with that to which are are attracted: the negative.

11/11/2006 01:59:00 PM  
Blogger RF2R2 said...

I tend to see existence as sinful so even if 'being tempted' is not a sin, then I'm still sinning by being alive. Every fiber of the natural man in me wars with my Creator and who can deny it? Grace gives a few of better things to come and redeems the things that are, but I'm afraid that at the end of the day there is none that does good - not even little 'ole christian me.

11/12/2006 08:26:00 PM  
Blogger Kc said...

Jeff, I intended desire in general but that’s a good point. We don’t have to look far to find something that appeals to our sinful nature. I’m not sure I agree with your perception of Satan’s knowledge but I know it is wise not to underestimate Him. Thanks again for your thoughts here!

Brandon, you dear sweet Papa! Welcome and thanks for your thoughts. Brother your eternal existence in Christ glorifies God and is always a blessing to me but I do understand your meaning. ;-)

11/12/2006 09:50:00 PM  
Anonymous Danny Kaye said...

rf2r2, (curious screen name. must be some history behind that, eh?)

I have caught a tremendous amount of flack for my stance on how "often" we sin. I maintain that anytime we are not thinking, responding, saying, doing...etc, exactly how Christ would think, respond, say, do...etc, in any given situation, we are missing the mark of perfection, and are therefore sinning.

I believe that you and I are probably pretty close to one another on our thinking about this. But WHEW!!! I don't think even I could say that being alive is a sin!

You must get into some pretty serious discussions when you drop that bomb, eh my friend! ;-)

I'd love for you to elaborate on this if you have a second.

(Kc, if this is not the proper forum for this discussion, let me know and I can take it over to my site. Or if you feel like starting a new thread for it, that would be cool. I really want to hear this one out.)

11/13/2006 10:56:00 AM  
Blogger Kc said...

Jeff you called it! Next Friday we discuss sin! ;-)

11/13/2006 12:18:00 PM  
Blogger RF2R2 said...

danny said,
rf2r2, (curious screen name. must be some history behind that, eh?)

Not really a story, it is just the screen name I chose when I created my blog. It means 'run from to run to' and is derived from a sermon my old college buddy preached wherein he detailed the terrible majesty of god which causes us to run from god in order to run to god. The idea is that god is scary and it's a good thing he told me just how dire my station is in terms of his anger. I run to him because I'm afraid of what I deserve, his ability to dole it out to me, and I know he is the only source of mercy in this whole mess called my life.

I maintain that anytime we are not thinking, responding, saying, doing...etc, exactly how Christ would think, respond, say, do...etc, in any given situation, we are missing the mark of perfection, and are therefore sinning.

I think that our positions may not be quite as similar as you think, but I lack the neccessary data to make that determination. My position is that I never am like Christ, but that Christ is redeeming my nature and teaching me about Himself. When I look at the 'christlike' things that I do I am often unsure if I really loved that person as myself or whether I really gave without grudging. So, you see, I'm not so sure if anything I do in this life is really supposed to be 'good' or 'christlike', but, luckily, I don't think that is terribly important because grace redeems not only what I've done but also what I'm doing.

Also, when I say that 'I sin by being alive' I'm referring to the curse of original sin. I can't escape it; even with my new flesh the old man is still lurking about causing mischief. Sometimes I think the only transformed part of me is the part that knows I missed out on something better by choosing sin. I likely take a more harsh stance on the extent of my depravity than you are used to, but I read no jot or tittle to convince me of any inherent good in me, so it seems perfectly reasonable to understand my war with god to be so all-encompassing of my thoughts that to say that by merely being I incur god's wrath does not seem so far-fetched.

11/13/2006 04:18:00 PM  
Blogger Kris said...

KC, I can say purpose, no problem.
The purpose of the object of temptation is for us to decide wether to believe God or not. LOL :) No, really purpose is fine with me instead of objective.

I will throw another thought at you. I don't believe satan is the one always tempting everyone. I don't think he has the attributes of God to be everywhere at the same time. So I don't think he is tempting everyone?

I think alot of our temptations comes from ourselves, our flesh. James says we are led away and enticed by our own lust, our own lust is leading us away and enticing us, he doesn't say satan or even demons are doing this. I am not saying demons don't or satan doesn't tempt certain people, but by and large I think most of the falling into sins of the flesh by Christians happens because we live in corrupt flesh and we lust to satisfy it, we don't believe God that we are dead to sin. Sin is conceived and can eventually bring forth death here on earth if we won't change our mind(repent) and believe God.

I think one of the biggest temptations we/I have is not to believe God when He says to count are bodies(flesh) as dead to sin. Sin has no power over us anymore, our flesh has been crucified with Christ. The biggest reason I struggle with sin as a Christian is because I put myself under the law and traditions of men to walk by the flesh instead of walking by the Spirit. I agree that the law is good but I can't carry it out in my flesh, in fact I give sin more power over me when I walk by the flesh, the self-righteous idea of obeying the law or some man made law to make myself, my flesh, good to God instead of walking by the Spirit and believing Christ when He said it is finished just before He died on the cross and proved it when He rose from the dead.

Paul explained the position we are in as born again children of God in Romans 7:17 when he said it is no longer I who am doing it but sin living in me. 7:24,25 So who will set me free from this body of death, thanks be to God through Jesus Christ my Lord. So then, on the one hand I myself(the born again me) with my mind am serving the law of God, but on the other, with my flesh the law of sin.

Of course I think we are tempted by other things besides this corrupted flesh, Adam and Eve didn't have a corrupted flesh when they chose to be as God, just like we choose to be as God knowing good and evil. But I think that is another problem we have and not your topic here like my comments here are not entirely on your subject.

Sorry for the sermon, I get kind of carried away. Especially when I don't get to blog as much anymore :)

11/14/2006 05:55:00 PM  
Blogger Kc said...

Kris, I will concede that God has a purpose in all He allows and this could well be His purpose. Beyond that we have no contention at all and I can only say, “Amen” to your sermon. I truly thankful you spent some blogging time here dear brother. May God continue to bless you and your new family. ;-) (Pictures please!)

11/14/2006 08:15:00 PM  

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