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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Want a peek at my mail?

"AEA and Redee- the-Vote survey about the Bible in public schools.

The Alabama Eduction Association and Redeem the Vote Alabama are interested in your opinions about the Bible and its involvement in public schools. Below is a survey where you can contribute your opinion.

Please take a few minutes to contribute your anwers to 7 questions. Click on the link to the left to begin the survey:

The Alabama Education Association is taking a leadership role in clarifying what are acceptable and unacceptable activities as it pertains to religion and public schools.

Is there a place for our Bible in the classroom? Some say schools must be "religious free zones," but is this true?
The AEA answers those questions in two guides:
"The Bible and Public Schools" and
"A Teacher's Guide to Religion in the Public Schools."
These guides explain the protections of the First Amendment provided by the U.S. Constitution, the restrictions of government-sponsored religious practices, and how the Bible can be used as an academic resource.
The truth is that many citizens continue to hold the mistaken opinion that U.S. Supreme Court decisions in the 1960s regarding issues of separation of church and state prohibited students from expressing their faith while attending public schools.
The two guides originally published by the First Amendment Center of Vanderbilt University and redistributed with permission by AEA, have been fully vetted by an array of faith organizations and have been tested time and again by specific court decisions. Teachers, administrators, and students should not have to be confused about what is appropriate and what is not appropriate expression of religion in schools if they read and refer to these two guides. Read what has been reported in the news about these new guides, click here.
Download the Guides
To download PDF files of the guides, click here, and follow the download instructions.AEA members and school systems will receive the two guides from AEA’s 38 local UniServ directors. The guides have been distributed. To read more about the guides, click here then visit the www.myaea.org website. Printed copies of the guides are available to churches upon written request to the Alabama Education Association.
AEA is glad to be a public service to its membership, students, media, and the community of faith by providing wide distributions of these guides. AEA's membership is reflective of the diverse population of Alabama and we know that many of our members and citizens in general are glad to know the answers to many of these action-packed issues and questions.
Help us by telling your friends and associates about these resources by forwarding this email to them. Use the "Send-a-Friend" function below. Then, sign up to receive more information from the Alabama Education Association. Click here to sign up."



Blogger Kc said...

BTW the title spelling error is the way it came to me. I make enough mistakes without having to own this one too! ;-)

11/10/2005 10:47:00 AM  

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