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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Emerging Investigation

I am desperately trying to remain objective as I investigate the Emerging Church conversation however it is becoming increasingly difficult. There is no shortage of hypocrisy in this conversation at the academic and leadership levels within all the denominations. If my investigation continues in the direction it seems headed now I’m going to post my conclusion soon and drop it. The door is still open for now and I’m allowing that perhaps I’ve only picked up a few bad apples but here I stand to date. I humbly request that anyone more informed in this conversation critique my observations.

Peer pressure tactics are often used to coerce non-adherents at the academic level and there is a condescending attitude toward anyone not familiar with the conversation including non-believers. The language of the conversation is English redefined according to the postmodern rule of deconstruction. The original meaning of the words are deconstructed and redefined. The definitions are usually derived or directly extracted from books or articles written by one of a handful of writers (which could indicate this may well be a fad and not a true step toward an ecumenical Church). This creates a language barrier and has the effect of isolating non-adherents from adherents. The language redefinition is not accommodating to current culture non-believers who must be educated in it as well. The postmodern philosophy seems to thrive within the academic community of this conversation. Those within the “real-world” context seem to be burdened with the task of translation and serve as test subjects for Emerging Church theories. There is an increasing gap between the Emerging Church leaders within each denomination and their denominational leadership. This would seem a logical process where the postmodern philosophy has been adopted by the Emerging leadership. While many claim a desire to return to the original teachings of Christ they only back up a few centuries adding back many of the icons and rituals adopted by the third through fifteenth century Church. This they consider to be the rich history of the Church abandoned during reformation.

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Blogger Matt said...

Hey there- I'm so glad to find that you're alright in the midst of the literal "storms" of life!

I'm glad you're doing so much investigation into all of this. I can tell you feel strongly, because there's a "tone" in this post I'm not used to hearing from KC :-)
I think that the "Emergent Church" thing has run its course in terms of new ideas. The books will trickle down, and more youth groups will use candles and stained glass, and maybe a few rote prayers :-) otherwise, no one is saying anything new anymore.
I guess the only thing I would want to point out is that there will be widespread change in the church through this weird era. There's no possibility of remaining static, since this isn't a Christian Church movement that's taking place in the world- it's a change in approach to knowledge in general. Historically, these things happen, and they're always a mixed bag.
I'll try to post soon about one aspect of PoMo that I think is very relevant to the church. Even more relevant than candles ;-)
God bless you, friend.

7/18/2005 01:52:00 PM  
Blogger Kc said...

Matt I’ve tried hard to be objective but I know you’re right about my tone. There are few things that stir me more than a lack of love among believers. I’m looking forward to more of your insight on this matter. May God continue to bless you too brother. ;-)

7/18/2005 10:27:00 PM  

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