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Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Well I’ve become aware that there are at least a zillion Christianity related blogs along the information super highway. I visited one site that must have had over 300 links on the sidebar. I found out something else. They are all right in their opinion; just ask. I’ve been so impressed with the depth of knowledge exhibited by so many. I’m not being sarcastic. It’s absolutely incredible how much information some people seem to possess. With such a smorgasbord of sites to choose from I wonder what it is that causes me to cling to some while discarding others that are rich in content and information. I considered it and began to suspect that subconsciously I look for evidence of brotherly love. I went back and reviewed, first the blogs I read, then again some I decided not to keep up with and confirmed my suspicion; irony of ironies. I then considered those without that evidence I looked for. What are they trying to convey. What is the point or the purpose of their effort? After examination I concluded that they are, for the most part, doing what I am now doing, judging. I don’t want to! I want to take up Hugo’s hobby of not judging and practice hard to be the best at it. With that in mind I now depart from this line of thinking to move on to another subject; judging. Again I say irony of ironies. I realize I can’t escape it. I have to judge! I have to examine what I’m exposed to and determine for myself what beliefs, theories and concepts are reasonable, probable or profitable. Perhaps I would do well to start with my own and when time permits I will be able to judge everyone else. ;-)

I know! I will solicit the help of the brave few who venture here. I have an idea I will put forth to you and see if you find it reasonable, probable or profitable. I have noticed that on all the blogs I follow, my own included, that eventually we expose our need for the prayers of the brethren. I would like to offer to maintain a link that would allow us to keep up with one another in this respect. A mailing list may be more appropriate. The whole idea might be stupid! I would appreciate your thoughts on this.



Blogger Hugo said...

Hey :-) Still around - finding time to catch up on blogs this morning as my wife sleeps (still not fully better). I like the idea of a prayer list (as opposed to a discussion list) - let me know - I'd be interested in helping get something started. :-)

Blessings & Peace,

5/08/2005 10:48:00 AM  
Blogger Kc said...

I’m really glad to hear from you. We’ll keep praying for you both. Sorry if the Around Town article offended you or anyone else. I almost didn’t post it but I’ve noticed that only the controversial blogs get traffic and I had hoped in some small way to draw attention to those mentioned. About the prayer list, I have been trying to determine what would be best. I can provide web space and a web to accept request and compile them to a list. I’m not sure if it’s best to broadcast the list link or just keep it among friends. I have several concerns on administration as well and I think your help could really make the difference.

5/08/2005 04:47:00 PM  
Blogger Hugo said...

Offended me . . . nope - sorry - you'll have to try harder :-) And my wife's doing much better - back @ work since Tuesday and doing fine right now :-)

As for the prayer list . . . maybe a distributed email list might work better then a web site . . . Yahoo Groups is the only distributed mail list I'm familiar with, though I know thee's many more out there . . . as for opening it up . . . we could clearly state that the purpose is for shared prayer / prayer request, not theological discussion / arguing / proselytizing (I just ealized I have no idea how to spell that word!) or what not . . .

Let me know - I'd still be interested in working together to set something up! :-)

Blessings & Peace,

5/20/2005 09:55:00 PM  
Blogger Kc said...

I'm going to look into the yahoo list server. If you're already familiar with it then it might be better to use than my mail server. I really like the intended use (I don't speel wheel eiter) but I am sure some sort of oversight is needed if only to keep out unsolicited ads. I feel sure we can work out the details and I'm excited about the opportunity here. I really would like to see how well seperated brethren can work together lol

5/21/2005 06:54:00 AM  

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